Space3ac Scale Up II 7th batch alumni


HUGO Legal

SaaS enabled marketplace of lawyers and lawbots. HUGO matches consumers and SMEs with the right legal expert at the right time and cost in the corresponding jurisdiction.

Large Enterprise: Olivia Business Centre



Surveily is a centralised computer vision system that utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze the footage in real-time and to draw conclusions.

Large Enterprise: Luxon LED


Symmetrical created a solution called “Salary On-Demand”. They partner with employers to give their employees financial freedom.

Large Enterprise: PKN Orlen


Witbee based on both the knowledge of its specialists and many years of experience in the field of marketing, analytics and technology, has created a cloud platform – WitCloud.

Large Enterprise: Orange Poland



SEZO is a technological partner that provides high quality, wireless sensors for needed parameters’ measurements.

Large Enterprise: Olivia Business Centre



Trustman integrate Security & Safety & Lighting systems through IoT platform. Their latest products Health Indicator© and Localization Indicator© support the fight against with pandemic spread.

Large Enterprise: Luxon LED



LESS develop Industrial IoT solutions that combined with AI, enable clients to make better decisions.

Large Enterprise: Olivia Business Centre



BZB UAS serves the forestry, agricultural and surveying sector. They developed a technologically advanced UAV system that interprets photomoaps.

Large Enterprise: PKN Orlen



Pelixar offers solving many complex tasks by mobile automatic and autonomous drone systems. Rescuing survivors, creating smog maps, delivering packages and medicines, etc.

Large Enterprise: Port of Gdansk Authority


Montgo Solutions

The software company delivering complete IT solutions based on ERP class software developed by themselves

Large Enterprise: OT Logistics



Optimatik created a complete IoT and analytics system for factories and warehouses. Indoor positioning solution with high level of accuracy, noninvasive to plant’s infrastructure. Developed with Toyota, Opel & VOX.

Large Enterprise: Luxon LED


Resin Hard

Resin Hard offers advanced tooling epoxy prepregs M-PREG for composite market. Their moulds are easy and fast in production, and exhibit long lifetime.

Large Enterprise: Silesian Science and Technology Centre of Aviation Industry



NIX drones are designed to be a part of modern net-centric inspect–maintain–repair system and offer a clean and cost-effective way to ensure safe and smooth operation of oil&gas infrastructure, offshore wind farms and underwater construction equipment.

Large Enterprise: Port of Gdansk Authority



customNEST reduces time needed for laser cutting process. By optimization of nesting before cutting, app provides lower costs of production and decreases generated waste.

Large Enterprise: Valmont Structures


Quantum CX

Quantum CX increase Customer Service employee engagement and wellbeing. They’re are doing it using sensors and technology that measure when people are smiling.

Large Enterprise: Orange Poland


Control System

VIA TMS is a system that supports transport companies in their key fields of business: customer service improvement, supply chain optimization, finances&accountancy control.

Large Enterprise: OT Logistics


PROA Technology

PROA Technology supports companies in increasing their efficiency and quality of their business by renting robust software RO:BOTs equipped with advanced artificial intelligence.

Large Enterprise: OT Logistics



Anzonia created a tool that uses Big Data for predictive analysis to forecast pyrolysis furnace operating time between decoking.

Large Enterprise: PKN Orlen



NNT offers consultancy and analysis, especially for complex technical cases, diagnostic services by their own methods, construction of advanced diagnostic equipment, and training in materials properties and non-destructive testing.

Large Enterprise: Valmont Structures


Cube Solution

Cube Solution specialize in the areas of Building Management System, Security and Safety. The offer is addressed to companies operating in all sectors of the economy, regardless of size and range.

Large Enterprise: Luxon LED


Spatial Computation

Spatial Computation develops solutions that help to visualise complex data in simple visual form. Our products deliver building information modelling for the web.

Large Enterprise: Port of Gdańsk Authority