Gain opportunity of direct cooperation with our Industry Partners

How it works?


Step 1: Application

You can undertake the challenge from our Partners or apply with a project not connected to them. We accept startups, young technology companies, scientific teams, and groups of programmers.

Step 2: Evaluation

We are going to evaluate your project with our Partners. Try to describe your solution and experience of the Team the best you can. If we will have some additional questions, we will contact you. The recruitment ends in May 2020.

Step 3: Preparation Camp

We will prepare you for meetings with Industry Partners and Investors. They are going to ask you questions about your project, goals, and team. We can meet in Gdańsk/Warsaw or connect via online.

Step 4: Acceleration

You can count on our financial and mentorship support. Once a month we are going to meet during the workshops with experts from marketing, new technologies, business development, etc.

Step 5: Demo Day

Let’s tell the world about your startup! You will present your project in front of the InfoShare 2020 audience. This is the biggest tech conference in CEE. Investors, media, potential clients, fans, whatever your startup needs. 

Your chances for the acceleration phase will grow if you help our Partners with their challenges

We will be your support all the way to success

Technical mentorship package by world-class mentors and experts.


Fast track for building MVP and testing your technology by large Industry partners.

Business mentorship and customer acquisition help on every level from experienced entrepreneurs and mentors from all over the world.

Access to infrastructure and experts from Industry Partners that are interested to test drive your solutions.

Great networking opportunities with representatives of mentors, investors, industry, companies, business, academia and public administration.

A place to work: office + space for mentorship and a workshop with 3d printers and other cool stuff for ‘dirty jobs’.

A patron for each team for the whole acceleration phase will track your progress and help you with the organisation of work and meetings.

Up to 200 000k PLN in cash for R&D activities for each team in the acceleration phase and much more of potential investment from space industry investors.

No equity for getting access to the acceleration phase.

Like we were for the Teams in previous editions



For whom is space3ac?
We’re looking for new and existing startups, academia or scientific teams, alumni of European Satelite Navigation or Copernicus Masters competitions and other teams that would like to change the world using EO, GNSS, telecommunications and/or integrated application.
Do I really need to have a team?
A startup is too much work for one person so each additional hand to work is crucial. Each day will be full of meetings with mentors and hard work on your idea so you can’t do everything on your own.
How much does it cost to participate in space3ac program?
It’s totally free. We ensured that you’ll get everything that you’ll need to work and improve your startup. We neither charge you no take shares in your business for acceleration. Fair enough?
Can we do it without moving to Gdansk?

Sure, but be ready to visit Gdańsk every couple of weeks. Most companies that are the partners of Space3ac acceleration program are located in Tricity area. During the acceleration phase one of your goals is to test your solution in the real environment. Our mentors, either from business and from space industry will come to Gdansk from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience with you. Part of our workshops are mandatory to graduate from the acceleration phase, so you need to send at least one person to us. There is no need to bring all of your teammates for each business meeting or workshop.

We've already taken some funding. Can we still apply?
Yes, it’s not a problem for us. Our space industry investors can bring you the next round of funding.


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