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Acceleration program for startups, young technology companies, programmers, and scientific teams.


Looking for a personalized solution to your problem? We can create an accelerator tailor-made for your company.

Accelerating Startups since 2015

We have experience in connecting startups and corporations with creating maximum value from their cooperation. Above all our traditional focus is downstream space technologies but we are open-minded so you can apply with a project not connected to them. Therefore we are looking for a solutions in the field of IoT, AR/VR, Smart City, Prop-Tech, and AI. Moreover, solutions for maximizing engagemnet of employees, innovative ideas on HR platofrms, Hardware and Software. As much as solutions for seaports, telecomunnications companies, spedition, gas stations, aerospace industry and many more. Join the startup accelerator program!

Join the accelerator

Become Technology Recipient in the acceleration program for startups. During this time work for 6 months with chosen startups and let them solve your problems.

Design your accelerator

Let us help you with the creation of an acceleration program. In the first place connecting startups and corporations is something we are really good at.

Experts in startup and corporate ecosystem

Wojciech Drewczyński our CEO is an author of the book about the effective cooperation of startups and corporations. In addition he presents in the book a unique model of Startup Collaboration Readiness. Chief Innovation Ofiicer at Black Pearls VC, supporting start-ups with business modelling, project management, and sales.


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