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Do you have an idea how to use satellite technologies in the transportation industry?

Apply with your EO, GNSS, telecommunications or integrated application project.

Get up to 200 000 PLN in cash on R&D for solving problems proposed by big transportation companies.

How does it work and how to apply?

Space3ac is 3 months long acceleration program for startups able to use satellite technologies to create solutions for the intermodal transportation sector. Our mission is to solve the problems of the transportation industry players by connecting them to startups with new ideas. We offer up to 200 000 PLN in cash, great international mentors, both technical and business, place to work and access to branch investors for each team from all over the world. You don’t need to give us shares in your business for joining the accelerator.

We’re supported by Polish Agency for Entrepreneurship Development in Scale UP program.

Check the rules!

It’s a fair game. In Space3ac – Terms & Conditions you can find all the rules.

Apply with your idea

You have time till 30th of April 2017. Check the list of problems reported by our partners and find the way to solve them!

Work hard at the acceleration phase

Work hard for 3 months and develop your business.

Pitch on Demo Day

You have a couple of minutes to impress investors who would like to invest money for further development of your business.

Acceleration phase rules

Development plan and KPIs

Each team in acceleration phase will get 20 000 at the beginning. To get additional funding up to 200 000 PLN you must prepare the development plan and the list of KPIs with your team’s Patron. We’ll check your progress at the end of each month.

Some teams will fall away

We have money just for 20 startups and we’ll invite at least 26 to our program. After the first month of acceleration phase, we’ll decide which teams will fall away from Space3ac. For those teams that will be the end of their adventure and they won’t get additional funding from Space3ac.

Reporting and budgeting rules

We’ll help your company to implement reporting and budgeting rules to be more reliable not only for State Companies but also for the market and investors.

Test drive

You have a very unique opportunity to test drive your solutions in State Companies. Try to change it into “lighthouse deal” that will open the door for much bigger success.

PLN for 20 teams

teams in the acceleration phase

international mentors

challenges to solve


Technical GNSS, Earth Observation and integrated applications mentorship by ESA, NASA, POLSA and other partners.

Access to infrastructure and experts from State Companies that are interested to test drive your solutions.

A patron for each team for whole acceleration phase will track your progress and help you with the organization of work and meetings.

Early access to Opegieka cloud for space industry projects and preferential conditions of usage for 12 months.

Great networking opportunities with representatives of mentors, investors, industry companies, business, academia and public administration.

Up to 200 000k PLN in cash for R&D activities for each team in acceleration phase and much more of potential investment from space industry investors.

Business mentorship and customer acquisition help on every level from experienced entrepreneurs and mentors from all over the world.

The place to work: office + space for mentorship in GPNT and a workshop with 3d printers and other cool stuff for ‘dirty jobs’ in the O4 coworking space.

No equity for getting access to acceleration phase

Evaluation criteria and our expectations

You must have prototype or MVP

We’re looking for teams who have an early version of prototype or MVP of their solution. Minimum TRL level that we expect is .3

You need to be an entrepreneur

Access into acceleration phase is possible only for already founded companies (Sp. z o.o. or S.A.). You can still apply to Space3ac without founding company but you must finish that proces till Preparation Camp (end of April 2017).

Downstream sector knowledge

We’re looking for teams with at least basic knowledge of space industry and downstream sector.

Solve real problems

Check the list of problems reported by our partners and think on a solution for them. If your idea goes beyond listed problems you still may apply.

The team

Your team should include experts with multidisciplinary skills. We can’t help single persons.

Application evaluation

Evaluation of your application is split into a substantive and formative assessment. Don’t forget to send all needed documents till Preparation Camp.

Our partners are looking for solutions for some crucial problems. They not only would like to test your solutions but also to pay for them. Your chances for acceleration phase will grow if you help our partners with their pains.

Intelligent Traffic Management System for the Port of Gdansk

Sensor / detector system for measurement of noise, dustiness and odor emissions in the critical points of the port

Visualization of Port space linked with Spatial Information System

Visualization of investment zones including terrestrial and underground infrastructure including geological information

Baltic Sea water level satellite monitoring

Baltic Sea air and water pollution assessment along trade routes based on satellite data

Electronic management system fo the environment laboratory – from sampling to testing and reporting

Containers tracking from the beginning of logistics chains until the formal delivery, regardless of the mode of transport and the type of transshipment

Security, operational and documentary control for fleet and hook-on working towards Scandinavian to cover the whole process of transport – road, sea and loading operations in ports.

Don’t forget to check for updates. Our list of the challenges will grow during the application phase. You can also apply with a project which is not connected to reported problems. Each great downstream startup idea has chances to get access to acceleration phase.



State Companies & Agencies





For whom is space3ac?

We’re looking for new and existing startups, academia or scientific teams, alumni of European Satelite Navigation or Copernicus Masters competitions and other teams that would like to change the world using EO, GNSS, telecommunications and/or integrated application.

Do I really need to have a team?

A startup is too much work for one person so each additional hand to work is crucial. Each day will be full of meetings with mentors and hard work on your idea so you can’t do everything on your own.

How much does it cost to participate in space3ac program?

It’s totally free. We ensured that you’ll get everything that you’ll need to work and improve your startup. We neither charge you no take shares in your business for acceleration. Fair enough?

Can we do it without moving to Gdansk?

Sorry, no. Most companies that are the partners of Space3ac Intermodal Transportation acceleration program are located in Tricity area. During acceleration phase one of your goals is to test your solution in the real environment. Our mentors, either from business and from space industry will come to Gdansk from all over the world to share their knowledge and experience with you. Part of our workshops are mandatory to graduate from the acceleration phase, so you need to send at least one person to us. There is no need to bring all of your teammates for each business meeting or workshop.

We've already taken some funding. Can we still apply?

Yes, it’s not a problem for us. Our space industry investors can bring you the next round of funding.

Space3ac Intermodal Transportation roadmap

February 2017 – application phase

30th April 2017 – end of application phase

May 2017 – Preparation Camp

June – August 2017 – Acceleration Phase in GPNT

September 2017 – Demo Day with investors and start on Space3ac next batch application phase

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