As much as 10 startups from: Australia and Argentina, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Estonia, Norway, UK, Ukraine and South Korea and the US, have qualified for and started their hard work within Polska Agencja Rozwoju Przedsiębiorczości Poland Prize Space3ac program. Our guests have already settled in Gdańsk for three months and started the acceleration process. As the acceleration phase for this batch of companies has started, we have also started recruitment for the next one.
Almost 120 startups have applied to take part in Poland Prize Space3ac accelerator. A group of 10 of them has been selected by our partners: LPP, Pekabex, Olivia Business Centre, PZU Lab and Port Gdańsk to work together on product or service implementation within the accelerator’s framework. The teams held their pitching presentations in O4 Coworking (Gdańsk) today and had their first speed dating sessions with mentors provided by Space3ac organizers.

The 10 startups from the PolandPrize Space3ac first batch are:
andсards is the incredibly easy to use software service for coworking spaces that helps automate routines – from membership, payments, room bookings through to marketing.
Is a security and surveillance company that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to deliver real-time analytics. Their AI-powered mobile and web video analytics dashboards provide real-time enhanced business intelligence, security and safety for companies in the security, surveillance, mobility and property technology industries. Through the use of their Automated Video Analytics Engine (AVAE) and Autonomous Vehicle Inspection System (AVIS) applications, the company ensures that their customers always have situational awareness by turning their security and surveillance cameras into sensors. AVAE generates video analytics by monitoring surveillance cameras for particular, unusual or threatening activities. AVIS automatically captures the state of rental or autonomous vehicles as they leave and when they return, then provides real-time damage information. Cognitive Big Data Systems is committed to stellar customer-focused applications and has been recognized with numerous awards for its technology and innovation.
darwin de-risks, scales and supports innovation. They use AI and the power of collective intelligence, to breed the next generation of startups. darwin provides an early stage startup platform that aids innovation through globally sourced deal flow, a rigorous due diligence model, assessment of product market fit, community-driven post-investment support and rapid fundraising.
Geckomatics develops AI for mobile mapping, bringing high quality up-to-data spacial information to your business processes
The company offers a suite of products that use IoT technologies to improve profitability of agricultural and industrial processes through smart monitoring. The solution consists of a network of devices that perform sensing of relevant conditions and send the data to the cloud application for visualization, analysis and decision making. The cloud application is accessible from any computer or smartphone and also provides an Open API for integration with external systems and driving automatic actions. LESS devices out of the box support all the important communications protocols including LoRa, GSM, and Wi-Fi.


Creators of EVOLUTION.MOBILITY – a unique mobility ecosystem 4.0. Unlike other mobility or parking providers, Maxiparking combines aspects from almost all of these services into ONE MOBILITY ECOSYSTEM, with exceptional value and a seamless user experience. Maxiparking distinguishes itself from competition, by being the only mobility business tailored to a global movement and evolution, creating livable urban spaces, reducing the volume of traffic, noise and pollution, increasing the attractiveness of public transport, by providing parking for commuters, residents and businesses WITH smart city solutions as smart and space saving parking equipment and technology, including on-demand mobility services – MaaS. Allowing our customers to access a city-friendly multi-modal transport.
Molfar.AI is developing an autonomous industrial inspection solution for detection and classification of faults and defects in the concrete pipes capable of being reconfigured by a non-expert user.
Sentisquare is a ‘big data company in the area of text’. And they can do it ANY language.
Trndz is a team of experienced engineers, data scientists, developers and designers with a passion for methodical problem solving and cutting edge technology. They have created a an operational historian and business intelligence tool that helps think and communicate fact based insights.
VRNET.IO drives sales of not yet constructed properties by showing them off to potential customers in AR/VR/websites.