Finally, though the Space3ac is at its peak of activity, we can share some news with you to sum up the first stage of the acceleration. The news are really good! We are proud to announce, that over 50 applications have been sent for our space sector startup acceleration program. We were very pleased to see the projects not only from Poland, but also Ukraine, Italy, Estonia, Romania, Germany, India and Pakistan.

We launched Space3ac as a unique and innovative space sector project on the 5th of May during press conference in the Polish Ministry of Development. During application phase we spread the news about our accelerator at 29 conferences and space industry events across Poland and Germany. The potential and quality of the projects were so great, that instead of initially planned 10 – we decided to choose as much as 14 of them for the Preparation Camp Finale. Meanwhile – our list of Space3ac Mentors has grown, counting 26 experts from US, Germany, Ukraine, UK, Netherlands, Poland and Italy.

After three days of intensive Preparation Camp in Gdańsk Business Incubator STARTER, 14 teams took part in the Finale, pitching their projects in front of the jury. The task for the jury wasn’t an easy one – as much as 8 projects (instead of initially planned 5) were chosen for the Space3ac acceleration.

The teams will spend 6 weeks in Gdansk, working with Mentors and developing their projects in Gdańsk Science and Technology Park. The best team will obtain 50k PLN (ca. 12 k EUR), whereas the initial funding pool for R&D support to selected projects amounts to 2M PLN (ca. 450k EUR). After the acceleration phase all of its participating teams will present their projects for to the investors during the Demo Day in September.

Below you can find the list of Space3ac I batch participants:

A comprehensive information system for the agricultural sector. Basing on the maps created with the satellite data, farmers will for example know when to start the harvest and when and how much fertilizers they should use. The aim of the system is to enable farmers to increase the effectiveness of their crops.

Project of independently moving boat using GPS signal and a sonar to perform measurements of the seabed for detailed maps of the shoreline creation.

Blue Divine
The solution for the transport industry which aims to reduce fuel consumption by adjusting driving styles. Using satellite data and a special touch sensor mounted under the accelerator pedal , Blue Divine will help every driver to be an eco-driving master.

The proposition to use remote controlled drone to repair damaged high-voltage lines with aluminum wire.

Satellite Crop Monitoring
Based on analysis of satellite images for the content of chlorophyll and nitrogen in plants, the solution will give the agricultural sector the opportunity to precisely determine the condition of cultivated plants and locate the cultivated areas that require intervention.

SILEX Clouds
Earth Observation (EO) data-based tool, providing information for producers of electricity from renewable sources. SILEX Clouds will indicate for example sandstorms or other events affecting the efficiency of energy-producing devices

Fully automated drone, whose task will be to monitor forest areas. The idea is to enable the drone to detect fires and warn appropriate authorities in the event of their occurrence.

The solution aims to increase the safety of skydivers by warning against collisions while jumping in groups.

Space3ac is aiming at activation and channeling the energy of polish space sector towards commercialization. The accelerator will support selected entities developing their concepts into specific products adapted to market needs.

The accelerated concepts will be addressing specified business or industry needs and will be developed under mentorship of experienced entrepreneurs and space sector experts. The end product of our acceleration programme will be projects developed up to the stage ready for investment – with teams ready to work, concepts with commercial capability and potential clients.